Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Keep Your Business in Sync with the Changing Trends

Digital Marketing Consultant can help in diminishing the gap between the company’s brand and the potential customer. Now days, the demand of digital marketing has increased a lot over the traditional marketing because of several reasons:

  • It is more cost effective than the traditional marketing.
  • It goes from the planning stage to the execution stage more quickly.
  • It gives the brand more time and space.
  • It can be measured on real time basis to find out whether it is working or not. For example Google Analytics is used to measure specific goals that the business owner aims to achieve for the website or blog. There are certain other online solutions that help the business owner to find out how many people are opening, reading and converting from the emails.
  • It helps in developing a well-designed website with quality content that targets the requirements of the viewers. Thus it helps in adding value to the target audience and can provide substantial value and lead generation chances.
  • The Online Marketing Consultant uses social media share buttons to share the breaking news and other important reports very quickly.
  • The Online Marketing Agency can benefit any type of business irrespective of its size and shared capital. Therefore, it should be considered for a startup company as well as a medium sized company.

·    The Online Marketing Consultant uses social media share buttons to share the breaking news and other important reports very quickly.

·    The Online Marketing Agency can benefit any type of business irrespective of its size and shared capital. Therefore, it should be considered for a startup company as well as a medium sized company.

Thus, it can be said that Internet Marketing Agency is becoming increasingly widespread amongst the businesses around the world, as itprovides the benefits of endorsing theproducts or services online. Unlike mass marketing or print media, internet marketing allows in nurturing anadded personal connection with consumers around the world byproviding valuable content through low-cost, personalized communication.

Thus, choose the digital marketing company as YourDreamTech.com to make the business grow, develop and make progress and at the same time keep the business in sync with the recent changing trends.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Advantages of Mobile App Development in Entrepreneurship

Primary reason for contacting a Mobile App Development Company:

With passing of time and changing lifestyle of people, a lot of mobile apps have introduced in recent years. The interesting apps have the capacity to keep the users totally engrossed with them. They even increase the value of the mobile devices, regardless to their brand, model and price. Nowadays, the buyers prefer to buy those cellphones which can support maximum popular apps. There are many business owners who are making huge profit with the assistance of these mobile apps. So, they must choose the most efficient and experienced Mobile App Developer to meet all the requirements regarding the custom mobile app development.

Some important features of companies that deal with mobile app development:

There are many entrepreneurs who work hard to take the advantage of growing market of mobile app development in their business. Developing apps in mobile devices is not a simple task as it combines confidence, passion, ambition, positivity and skill of an app developer. If the business owners cannot find the required qualities for developing apps in their staffs, they can hire professional IOS App Developer India who is best for Apple phones. Some important features of renowned cellphone app development companies are:

·         They are bestowed with a team of experienced and professional skilled developers for mobile apps.
·         They have completed thousands of projects for their business clients. Thus, they are well-familiar about how to satisfy their clients.

·         They have the ability to please their diversified clients by meeting their complex needs with utmost efficiency.

·         They provide their mobile app services in wide ranging platforms such as iPhone, android, iPad, Blackberry, windows, iPod, tablet and custom mobile.

Thus, the business organizations should trust on reliable Mobile App Development Company India to meet their business goals without putting much effort.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Best Search Engine Optimization Services

Search engine optimization has got new dimension when it comes to the service of the related service providers in India. As far as the true progress of nation is concerned SEO services emerged as one of the leading ingredients.

For the success of the company, marketing strategy is what they focus onto to a great extent so much so that the companies have the marketing team who can invent the most effective ways to make the business flourish. 

As internet is a new world that is used to make the corporate intention successful search engine optimization leads the trail. This is an online marketing strategy where the name of the companies or a particular brands are showcased so that it can garner required public attention which happens to be the main factor of the success of the companies. The search engine optimization service is commonly known as SEO Services and the SEO Services Varanasi is what focuses into the enhancement of the services.

As it itself is a beneficial service the service providers present various kinds of SEO Packages Varanasi that come in wide range of prices and time span. The packages are the offers that are available for the customers to avail. These packages include the search engine services by the SEO companies in accordance with the need and criteria of the customers. 

The professionals are expert enough to understand the need of their customers and subsequently go on to designing the search engine optimization in terms of content and features.

The online result that showcases the names of the companies in search results is made attractive. In the age of tough competition when every company wants to flourish in its’ respective fields SEO Varanasi is the service to go for. The smart and professional outlook that are good enough to attract the clients in very short time deserves special mention.
However, one thing also needs to be mentioned that the search engine service providers also happen to create and customize the websites for the benefits of the clients. Mainly for the commercial purposes the website designing along with the search engine optimization services are perfect blend to choose for. 

The innovative and creative at the same time well versed with the possible technical details the mind of the software professionals deserve accolade. It is only them who have elevated the stature of healthy publicity of the brands and the companies. The concept is unique and is perfectly co-ordinate with the theme of the world that is modernity. Keeping in mind the trend of the modern era, search engine optimization is the perfect choice for online marketing.

Saturday, 24 March 2018

How to Verify a Page or Profile on Facebook: Blue And Grey Badge

This post originally appeared on my blog: How to get verified on Facebook.
The process of verifying a page or a profile on Facebook is very simple. In a nutshell you need 2 things: 
1) you need great press and 
2) a compelling reason.
You might be wondering if you need a lot of followers to get verified. This doesn't seem to be the case.
In this post I list the steps that you need to follow to get that yearned blue or grey tick next to your name. I decided to break it down into 3 parts:
  • How to get your personal Facebook page or profile verified
  • How to get your business page on Facebook verified
  • Benefits of being verified

How to get your personal page or profile verified

First, not everyone can be verified, unfortunately. According to Facebook's Support Team only people in the following categories can be verified with a badge:
  • Journalists
  • Popular Brand or Businesses
  • Government Officials
  • Celebrities
  • Media
  • Entertainment
  • Sports Companies
If you fall in these categories, there is a higher chance that you can be verified.
Pro tip: If your personal facebook page is not in this category, you can always change it to "Public Figure" by going to About > Category.
After you've done that, follow these steps:
  1. Link to your profile or Page from your official website.
  2. For a Facebook Page, different types of basic information will appear in your Page's About section depending on your Page's category. It's important to add accurate details so that people can quickly learn about your Page. Make sure to add your website, awards, bio, and more. The more complete it is, the better.
  3. For a Facebook profile, provide accurate information in your profile. Include in your About section a website address that is registered in your name. Make your profile public by default so that people can follow it. Have at least a few hundred followers (~500) before requesting a badge.
  4. Use this link to verify your page. (Link works as of July 9, 2017). On that page, make sure to include a government-issued ID (US IDs work best, a passport will do too).
  5. Write a compelling reason as to why you should be verified. Everyone's case is different so I won't tell you what to write. Here you should include your website and links to relevant press articles or a Wikipedia page. If you don't have press, you can hire me to do your PR. Here, you can read the press I've gotten for myself and my companies. Also my Wiki.
  6. Wait 2-5 days to hear back from Big Brother Facebook.
If you got your verification request rejected it is most likely due to the following reasons:
  • You don't have enough features on the press. -> Learn how to get featured on Forbes, Techcrunch, etc. or hire my digital marketing agency to do it for you.
  • You don't have a Wikipedia. FYI, to get a Wiki, you first need press.
  • You didn't write a compelling reason or the ID you provided was blurry or not appropriate.
 Get your business page verified on Facebook
From Facebook's support: "If your Page's category is Local BusinessCompany or Organization, your Page may be eligible for a gray verification badge. If you're an admin, your Page has a profile picture and cover photo, and is eligible, you'll see this option in your Page's Settings." To verify your Page, you can use your business's publicly listed phone number or a business document (example: phone bill).

The steps to follow are:
  1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
  2. Click General
  3. Go to Page Visibility, then click Edit
  4. Click Verify this Page, then click Get Started
  5. Enter a publicly listed phone number for your business, your country and language
  6. Click Call Me Now to allow Facebook to call you with a verification code
  7. Enter the 4-digit verification code and click Continue
Note: If you don't see the "verify this page" it is because Facebook hasn't rolled out the feature to all users just yet. You can always go and use this link to verify it manually by providing documents from your company.

Benefits of having a blue or grey badge

  • Instant EGO boost (come on, you feel good when you see it)
  • Boosts credibility in your business or imageUsers will know they are interacting with the real page
  • Verified pages will rank higher on Facebook's search results.
So there you have it, this is the way to verify a page on Facebook: get press and follow the steps. If we aren't connected on LinkedIn yet, don't hesitate to send me a connection request.
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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Facebook Automatically Respond to New Messages


Follow these steps to turn on Instant Replies for your Page:

1. Click Settings at the top of your Page
2. Click Messaging in the left column
3. Under Response Assistant, click to select Yes next to Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page
4. To change your instant reply message, click Change, update the message and click Save
5. To turn off Instant Replies:
6. Click Settings at the top of your Page
7. Click Messaging in the left column
8. Under Response Assistant, click to select No next to Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page

See screenshot below.

**Instant Replies aren't sent when your Page's messaging status is set to Away and aren't included in your Page's response rate or response time.**

Instant Replies are messages sent automatically as your Page's first response to new messages. For example, you can use your Instant Reply message to let customers know that you'll get back to them soon or to thank them for contacting your Page.

Check out more about enabling this feature in our Help Center:

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